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Alba Pratalia Galleria le Cinque Lune, Roma, Italy 


Se pareba boves
alba pratalia araba
et albo versorio teneba
et nigrum semen seminaba


Alba Pratalia is a riddle, written at the beginning of 900 AD, which allegorizes writing through a rural image: the fingers of the writer, as patients oxen, lead the tool of his trade, the white quill pen, like a plow , draws on virgin parchment and white smooth lines and furrows in those fertile ink, like a precious seed, is placed to generate knowledge.
The understanding of the allegory, therefore, allows to solve the riddle, indicating the subject of all the shares in the hand writing and in  Alba Pratalia, the white paper that the writer is going to score.
The agrarian transposition  thus confers writing the ability to generate living matter: the meaning that comes from the literary text  grows and lives as a tree  at the foot of which we have placed 79,500 sheets of paper, as many as it produces in its life....

ALBA PRATALIA_edited.png
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