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Albula a garden along the Tiber Rome-Auditorium Parco della Musica, 2012


"Albula" is inspired by the river, the soul of our city since its inception, and by the vegetation that naturally populates it.

An branch of the Tiber river, near the international Auditorium designed by architect Renzo Piano which an urbanistic point of view recognizes the passage between the countryside and the city, becomes the pretext to emphasize the importance that riparian vegetation plays in the ecology and conservation of the soil, biodiversity and aquatic ecosystems.

A forgotten world, that our project addresses through the three basic elements of this landscape: the river, the shore and vegetation.

With fragments of glass to evoke the transparency and light, but also the flow of the river and the elements that water brings with it, transforming them.

To mark the boundary - the bank - a strip of coconut fiber, a material used for the consolidation of the banks of river flows among willows, poplars, reeds and brambles, shelter and nourishment for wildlife, make up the reservoir of biodiversity.

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