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Centro Europeo di Toscolano Avigliano Umbro, Umbria, Italy 2017


Innocenti Evasioni, il giardino del Lago, CET Music Mogol


The Garden of the Lake develops solely on the north side and on two different project levels: the bank on the water and the road that runs along the forest. Along the bank the plant of the vegetation has been studied in function of the seasonal oscillations of the water level, taking into consideration the summer minimums and the winter floods. The plants were then planted leaving about two meters free from the water which, during spring and summer, will spontaneously repopulate Typha angustifolia. The vegetation chosen develops into "spots" of aquatic and marsh plants on the lower level and ornamental grasses on the one closest to the road. Always on the shore, typical riparian trees were chosen: Taxodium distichum, a variety of stripping cypress, capable of vegetating even in water, which during the autumn turns into an orange-rust color, Salix babylonica, better known as weeping willow, inevitable long a lake and Salix caprea 'Pendula', small trees with long, supple branches that at the end of winter are completely covered with flowers, like buttons, of silvery white color and then become golden yellow.

Yellow, in all its nuances, from the bright irisis to the brown carex is the dominant color of the project which, at the end of the summer season, is rekindled strongly and dominantly with Ginkgo biloba throughout the autumn. 

On the lake, a floating wooden platform has been designed to conceal the water pumping engines and to offer a useful space where you can stay immersed in nature and in the quiet of the lake.

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