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City&Brand Landscape 


Triennale Milano 2017

roman amphiteater revitalization a3paesaggio Umbria

I AM A TREE is a landscaping project aimed at the realization of a park memorial.

It is aimed at those who want to remember their loved ones in a beautiful place capable of undoing the distance between the world of the dead and those of the living, and to those who recognize in the trees the symbol of the life that regenerates.

It is an urban park open to everyday use where religious cults and secular spiritualities live in respect and communion of the memory of those who are no longer among us.

The park was designed to give free of charge, and in compliance with current regulations, the scattering of the ashes resulting from the cremation or dumping of ecological and biodegradable urnees. In close proximity to the scattered areas, a tree can be planted in accordance with the landscaping and design of the park

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