Edible Table


Recycled aluminium dining table equipped with pots for aromatic herbs





Concept and Project: 

"Hortus in tabula" is a dining table with a small garden at your fingertips. The edible table allows daily activities in close relationship with nature and the passage of time is marked by mutations of plant elements.

It 'a living object that accompanies and gives rhythm to the existence of each of us. "Hortus in tabula" is an outdoor table, 100% recycled aluminum, 180x90 cm with 5 square pots, also aluminum 14x14 cm h 20cm, collected at the center of the table and resting on a flat edge of 1cm. The vessels are easily removable, they are equipped with a two sub layers for drainage of water (this means that the table can also be used in an interior).  

The planters contain aromatic herbs so that diners can use them  according to their personal needs and desires with each plate. The table is composed of two elements: the legs, joined by a bar to "T", and the plane colored, the two elements are welded together to form a single body of extreme lightness. There are also two component materials: recycled aluminum and vegetable elements, together form a combination that turns a simple everyday object into a meeting, solid and harmonious, between Man and Nature.


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