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outdoor design a3paesaggio corten steel

The Lush Courtyard Experience





Rome | Italy 2017

outdoor design a3paesaggio corten steel

Project: Design consists of two themes, fixed and mobile: 
- Fixed: the entire perimeter will be lined with large terracotta vases and evergreen plants with big structural foliage evocative of the ancient Rome gardens and courtyards. In particular, close to the Baroque inspired pre-existing fountain, we would like to create a garden with plants typical of the aquatic environment. 

- Mobile: all around the courtyard, flexible for product demonstration or events, will consist of squared and metal vases and seats and small tables equipped with hidden wheels. These will be interchangeable depending on the event and can be reoriented to benefit the space demands on a given day. The pots will be filled with plants which LUSH utilizes for their products, equipped with display elements with small shelves for bowls and jars. In some pots, young fruit trees, especially pomegranates, will serve to create smaller shaded corners. Clients and guests will be able to select their preferred plant and bring the vase close to their own seat for a personalized garden.

Wheat field





Installation site-specific in

cor-ten and inox steel



outdoor design a3paesaggio corten steel

Project:  Provide flexible planters; custom made exterior furniture with maximum flexibiltiy to be moved around the landscape. The client was the School of Milling Technology outside of Milan.


Concept:  A long series of vases in Cor-ten steel, brown like the color of the earth, are arranged so as to evoke the texture of Cremona countryside. They have long stems arranged in stainless steel, light and flexible as ears of corn.

The underlying theme of the project is the sense of lightness that we perceive noting the fragility of the ears of corn when they flex under the force of the wind.


Edible Table


Recycled aluminium dining table equipped with pots for aromatic herbs





outdoor design a3paesaggio

Concept and Project: 

"Hortus in tabula" is a dining table with a small garden at your fingertips. The edible table allows daily activities in close relationship with nature and the passage of time is marked by mutations of plant elements.

It 'a living object that accompanies and gives rhythm to the existence of each of us. "Hortus in tabula" is an outdoor table, 100% recycled aluminum, 180x90 cm with 5 square pots, also aluminum 14x14 cm h 20cm, collected at the center of the table and resting on a flat edge of 1cm. The vessels are easily removable, they are equipped with a two sub layers for drainage of water (this means that the table can also be used in an interior).  

The planters contain aromatic herbs so that diners can use them  according to their personal needs and desires with each plate. The table is composed of two elements: the legs, joined by a bar to "T", and the plane colored, the two elements are welded together to form a single body of extreme lightness. There are also two component materials: recycled aluminum and vegetable elements, together form a combination that turns a simple everyday object into a meeting, solid and harmonious, between Man and Nature.


The Moving Garden


12  steel elements on wheels comprised of  planting, seating and storage for garden tools



outdoor design a3paesaggio

Project: The job was to provide a series of flexible furniture  comprised of seating and planting.

The planters are all on wheels and can be moved aorund the terrace to allow for shade and light at various moments throughout the day.


Concept:  I love carry around my things and often my garden...