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I Giardini di Marzo CET Music Mogol, Avigliano Umbro, Umbria - Italy 2017

Adjacent to the Battisti's suite, a grove of flowering cherry trees surrounds and protects a lawn sculpted in the form of an oak leaf. In this spot a squared column made of travertine, simply lies on the ground engraved with the title of the song of Mogol and Battisti: I GIARDINI DI MARZO.

This small garden is a symbolic place of strength and precariousness. It is an ephemeral space lined with the exploding blossoms of the Japanese cherry trees and grounded with the solidity of the column supported on the lawn; the single element which does not transform over time. 

All around a carpet of pine bark contrasts with the green and softer textured lawn; an important role in the relationship of the colors. From the dark hue of the bark, the cherries rise, beautiful and light, different in their gait, in the color and typology of the leaves and the flowers: the Prunus bloom hue has a range of different tones from pink to a deep dark pink color fading into white.


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