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In a Japanese Mood Private Garden renovation Rome 2018


The garden was designed to create an effect of continuity with the longitudinal development of the house.

With the exception of the driveway entrance, where the pre-existing pavement was kept, the space adjacent to the garden and the one immediately outside the house was covered with wood laid with two different textures to emphasize the different nature of the spaces: the path that leads to the home, dotted with recessed LED lights, and areas dedicated to dining and living. A large pergola in iron and wood cuts through the space in a transversal way parallel to the house, emphasizing the areas for the different activities: lunch in line with the kitchen and a sofa with a table / brazier in front of the interior living spaces.

All the vegetation has been thought to have an evergreen background plant and continuous blooms in all seasons starting from the hellebores, which bloom starting from December  until March, followed by cherry trees in April, water lilies, from May to September, persicaria in the pots adjacent to the lunch, which is covered with rosé buttons, between May and June. And again, from mid-June until late winter, the hydrangeas will be the protagonists with abundant blooms of changing colors and foliage that turns from green to spectacular red. Finally along the wall of the house were chosen Japanese maples, Acer palmatum "Sengo Kaku", with a particular coral red bark with bright green leaves that turns yellow in the autumn season. All plants are suitable for vegetating in half shade.

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