Centro Europeo di Toscolano

CET Mogol 

Avigliano Umbro (Terni) 

Umbria | Italy - 2017 

The parking area of ​​the machines was designed to develop along the left side of the driveway, progressively starting from the area dedicated to the disabled. In total there were 59 covered seats, 20 open centers and four for disabled people. The advantage of this position is given by the 1.5m altitude difference from the road surface which helps to 'hide' the cars in stop.

The covered parking spaces are marked by green chestnut pergolas with ivy and rosy roses with the intent of giving a garden roof perception to those who are on the avenue of access. There were two accesses: a carriage at the beginning of the avenue and a pedestrian at the end near the front arbor.

Spaces have also been calibrated for the maneuvering of agricultural vehicles.
In order to ensure a correct balance of the ecosystem, between a cypress and the other, Rhamnus alaternus 'Argentovariegata' shrubs were spiked in shape and shrubs of Eleagnus commuted and Cotoneaster franchetii, in free form on the shoal to ensure a visual barrier On the parking lot. All the shrubs are evergreen and after the blooms produce very persistent decorative berries throughout the winter.

Finally, on chestnut pergolas, covered with bun, there are envoys and roses in the variety.

Parking area CET