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Avigliano Umbro (Terni)

Umbria | Italy 2017



The parking area of ​​the machines was designed to develop along the left side of the driveway, progressively starting from the area dedicated to the disabled. In total there were 59 covered seats, 20 open centers and four for disabled people. The advantage of this position is given by the 1.5m altitude difference from the road surface which helps to 'hide' the cars in stop. The covered parking spaces are marked by green chestnut pergolas with ivy and rosy roses with the intent of giving a garden roof perception to those who are on the avenue of access. There were two accesses: a carriage at the beginning of the avenue and a pedestrian at the end near the front arbor. Spaces have also been calibrated for the maneuvering of agricultural vehicles.
In order to ensure a correct balance of the ecosystem, between a cypress and the other, Rhamnus alaternus 'Argentovariegata' shrubs were spiked in shape and shrubs of Eleagnus commuted and Cotoneaster franchetii, in free form on the shoal to ensure a visual barrier On the parking lot. All the shrubs are evergreen and after the blooms produce very persistent decorative berries throughout the winter.Finally, on chestnut pergolas, covered with bun, there are envoys and roses in the variety.

I Giardini di Marzo

Centro Europeo  di Toscolano

La scuola di Mogol 

Avigliano Umbro (Terni)

Umbria | Italy 2017



Realization of a garden inspired by a song 


Concept: Adjacent to the Battisti's suite, a grove of flowering cherry trees surrounds and protects a lawn sculpted in the form of an oak leaf. In this spot a squared column made of travertine, simply lies on the ground engraved with the title of the song of Mogol and Battisti: I GIARDINI DI MARZO.

This small garden is a symbolic place of strength and precariousness. It is an ephemeral space lined with the exploding blossoms of the Japanese cherry trees and grounded with the solidity of the column supported on the lawn; the single element which does not transform over time. All around a carpet of pine bark contrasts with the green and softer textured lawn; an important role in the relationship of the colors. From the dark hue of the bark, the cherries rise, beautiful and light, different in their gait, in the color and typology of the leaves and the flowers: the Prunus bloom hue has a range of differnt tones from pink to a deep dark pink color fading into white.


At the hedge, two apple trees have a special story as they were given as a present to Mogol and his wife Daniela from the Associazione Patriarchi della Natura. The two apple trees represent the twins, reproduced by scion, of a Malus floribunda and a Malus 'Red Siberian' both centenary trees that represent italian history and tradition, a vegetable genetic patrimony that demands to be preserved and divulged.





I AM A TREE is a project for a memorial garden where the trees symbolically represent our deceased, is a city park where trees mark the burial sites of biodegradable urns containing the ashes of the deceased.


Chiaravalle Milanese (MI)



arborvitae Park  sustainable cemeteries
arborvitae Park ,cimitero ecosostenibile, a3paesaggio


The memorial park is articulated by paths, seating areas, flower beds and reflecting pools where one may scatter the ashes. Enclosed by a green fence, it is intended for the living who are encouraged to protect and respect it.Participating individuals will be able to choose the tree that most appeals to them from a variety of species offered by the project ARBORVITAE can develop from a whip or from an older tree.


Reflecting Triangles 

Alitalia-Etihad Airways Pavilion


Milan | Italy - 2015



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"Reflecting triangles" begins with a simple concrete surface surrounding the Alitalia-Etihad pavilion at Expo- Milano 2015. Although a concrete surface can appear flat and inert, the pavement design becomes vibrant through a playful variety or warm and cool grey tones and the presence of expressive plants with velvet silver leaves.The moat-like space, is fractured in triangles, evoking both a symmetry and an order, typical of Italian and Islamic gardens. It symbolizes the meeting of two different and deep-rooted cultures within a unique garden.

Dual Impression 

Rome | Italy - 2014



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The scope of work in this private garden in the center of Rome, required a gathering space for dining. Situated at the head of the site, the red pergola, supports the existing robust wisteria plants and jasmine vines. With it’s northeastern exposure, the garden remains in shade most of the year, allowing for plants needing little to no sun.

Therefore a specific array of shade flowers and plants were selected including hydrangeas, ferns and herbs, recalling the pergola, in warm red tones.

Hotel Terre di Casole

A vegetable garden on the terrace

Casole d'Elsa (Siena) 

Tuscany | Italy - 2012



A boutique hotel in the heart of Tuscany withan abundant garden that supports the kitchen  of the local restaurant 


The client  was a small hotel located between Siena and Florence.

With this project we were able to provide a large terrace with an amazing view of the  Chianti valley with a full vegetable garden for their restaurant. This required constructing sustainable planting beds with irrigation as well as access to the variety of vegetables.